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more about the Toothfairy

Toothiana / Toothfairy / Tooth
Biographical Information

Full Name Toothiana
Alias Tooth Fairy Tooth
Home Southeast Asia
Occupation(s) Tooth Fairy Guardian of Memories Queen
Morality Good

Eye Color Pink(movie) Green(Book)

Relative(s) Rashmi (mother, deceased) Haroom (father, deceased) Baby Tooth Other Minifaires

The Guardians Allies Bunnymund Jamie North Sandy Jack Frost Sophie Katherine Nightlight Ombric Shalazar Man in Moon Pippa Monty Caleb Claude Cupcake

Minions MiniFairies

Pitch Nightmare creatures The Mysterious Hunter/The Monkey King

Powers and Abilities

Power(s) Flight, Multilingual, Can split into smaller copies

Equipment Wings, Swords

Background Information
First Seen The Man in the Moon (book)
Rise of the Guardians (movie)
Voice Actor(s) Isla Fisher

Wings up, ladies, and take no prisoners!
—Toothiana, to her Mini Fairies

Physical Appearance
Tooth is a part human part hummingbird hybrid. She has tan skin and violet eyes. Instead of hair, she has feathers that make a curved upward style. Instead of clothes, her entire body seems to be covered in mini feathers. Around her wrists and ankles there seem to be golden lines that appear to look like golden bracelets and golden anklets, as well as gold feathers on either side of her head for earrings. Tooth also has long, drapery feathers that start at her waist line and end at her knees. They give the appearance of a skirt or dress.
Rise of the Guardians
Toothiana is the Tooth Fairy and her job is to send her fairies around the world to collect the teeth. Tooth first appeared when North used the Northern Lights to bring the Guardians together to talk about Pitch. When the Guardians are reunited, they don't believe that Pitch has returned until The Man in the Moon, with the help of Sandy, get their attention. The Man in the Moon told them that Pitch has returned but also that he has chosen a new guardian, Jack Frost. Tooth show excitement when The Man in the Moon choose Jack on the contrary to Bunnymund, who said that Jack doesn't cared about children. After successfully kidnapping Jack and bringing him to the North Pole, North introduce the other Guardians and Tooth got excited to see Jack's teeth. When North started to explain why Jack was brought here, Tooth started to see Jack's teeth again and getting a warning from North to keep finger out of mouth. The Guardians told Jack that he was chosen as a Guardian and Jack refused. Causing a fight between Bunnymund and Jack and Sandy subjected for North to take Jack away. As North explained to Jack about their center, Tooth got a noticed that her Palace was being attack. Tooth flew to her palace to stop the Nightmares and Pitch from taking the teeth but it was too late. On the way there, Jack rescued one of the fairies, Baby Tooth and Tooth was happy to see her. Pitch appeared and Tooth threatened him to let her fairies go, resulting in Pitch asking her of she was going to put a quarter under his pillow. As Pitch started to mock the Guardians, Tooth took one of Bunnymund's boomerang to try to attack Pitch before she was stop by one of his Nightmares. The Guardians, shock that Pitch was using Sandy's nightmares, attack Pitch before he escaped. Jack, curious, asked about why Pitch took the teeth and Tooth revealed that the teeth hold the greatest child memories, the reason why she collects the teeth. She also revealed that the Guardians were all somebody before they were chosen by the Man in the Moon, even Jack. Jack, surprised, asked her about his past life and about his family to which Tooth asked if he really doesn't remember anything and that she can't help him since Pitch has his memory. North plans to collect the teeth to keep the children believing in Tooth. North asked Jack to help them collect the teeth and in return they would help him get his memories back and Jack agrees to help them. The Guardians go around the world collecting teeth and making a competition of it. When Tooth told them they were as fast at collecting teeth and leaving gift as her fairies, the guys remember they forgot to leave a gift and had to travel back around the world to leave the gifts. The Guardians all gather in Jamie's room but caused an uproar that caused Jamie and his dog, Abby, to wake up and see them (except Jack). Abby starts growling at Bunnymund and Jamie tries to stop her. Jack wanting to have fun with Bunnymund, makes the alarm go off, causing Abby to attack Bunnymund and make him jump around the room. Sandy, trying to put Abby to sleep with his Dreamsand, ends up hitting everyone except Jack, Jamie and himself. Jamie flies out of bed when North lands on it and Sandy catches him. Sandman puts Jamie to sleep and then goes to fight Pitch's Nightmares that have appeared with the help of Jack. North was able to wake up and bring Tooth and Bunnymund to help against Pitch. As the Guardians try to fight the nightmares, Pitch corner Sandy and stab him with an arrow making the little guardian disappear. Jack, shocked to see what happened, attacked the Nightmares resulting in him using a massive wave that destroy all of them. Jack started to fall until Tooth caught him and soon North used a globe to returned them to the Pole. Back at the North Pole, the Guardians make a memorial for the Sandman. The Guardians decide to work hard for Easter so they could keep the children's belief in the Guardians. Bunnymund took them back to his warren and they soon found out that Jamie's sister, Sophie, was there. Tooth try to impress her with some teeth that blood in them which makes Sophie run away from her. Jack used a little magic to make Bunnymund have a little fun with Sophie while they finish the eggs. Later, Jack took Sophie home but ones he left the Warren was attack by Nightmares resulting in Easter not happening. Jack found the Guardians and saw how the children stop believing in Bunnymund. They told him that the Nightmares attack the Warren and the eggs didn't survive the confrontation. When Tooth asked about Baby Tooth and where he get the Tooth Box, Jack couldn't answer and ended up losing the Guardian's trust in him. Toothiana later appeared when she and the Guardians try to find the last light, Jamie. She was surprised to see Jack have beat them to it and as a result Jamie has started to believe in him. Pitch appears, Jack goes to fight him, causing the other Guardians to lead Jamie away. Pitch being more powerful than before beats Jack and makes him fall to the alley where the others were. Pitch traps the Guardians and Jamie, Jamie tells Jack that he's scared. Hearing that, Jack gets a memory of the same thing his sister once said causing Jack to realize what his center is (Fun). Pitch approaches them but was hit by a snowball by Jack. Distracted, they escape and go to gather up Jamie's friends. With the help from the other Guardians, Jamie's friends started to believe again. Pitch asks them who was going to protect the Guardians if the Guardians were protecting them. Jack reassured Jamie to not be scared since the Nightmares are just bad dream and Jamie volunteered to protect the Guardians causing his friends to join him. As Pitch send the Nightmares their way, Jamie full of confidence was able to turn the black sand back to dream sand. Making the Guardians get their full strength back. The Guardians started to fight Pitch while Jamie and his friends turn the Nightmares back to dream sand. The Guardians got Pitch cornered but soon he disappeared and appeared behind a distracted Jack, but before he could injure him, Sandy was revived by Jamie and his friends and was able to save Jack. Sandy used his powers to bring sweet dream to everyone which resulted in more believer and Tooth's fairies used the Tooth Box to bring memories to the children making a lot of them to believe as well. The Guardians and the children started celebrating and Jack hits Jamie with a snowball, which caused a friendly snowball fight. When Pitch woke up, he tried to make Jamie fear him again but found that Jamie was not scared of him anymore because he was able to pass through him. Pitch, afraid, retreats to his lair which caused the Guardians to follow and confront him one last time. Tooth gave him a quarter before punching him which resulted in a teeth falling out. The Nightmares appear around them and to their surprised Pitch was taken away by his own Nightmare creatures. Tooth happy of their success, hug Jack before Baby Tooth stopped her. North asked Jack about taking the oath and the Guardian ceremony was performed again. Jack looked at Jamie which caused him to nod. Proud of himself and of Jamie, Jack says, "I will," making him an official Guardian. Jack makes his way toward North's sleigh but he is stopped by Jamie calling his name. Jack turned around and is surprised by Jamie who gave him a hug, which shocks Jack, but he eventually returns the hug. Jamie waves at Jack and The Guardians good bye when they leave. Tooth smiled at Jack while he made his way back of the sleigh. At the end credits, Tooth's fairies took Pippa and Monty back home since they fell asleep.
Tooth is a sweet, bubbly, elegant, daring, agile, graceful, charismatic, motherly, smart, a fierce fighter of a Guardian. She adores the children of the world, cares very much for her fleet of mini-fairies, respects her friends, and is completely infatuated with Jack Frost. She loves what she does and does it with an unimaginable passion. She is devoted to her duties as the Guardian of Memories, knowing the signifigance of the memories of childhood contained within the teeth her fairies collect. As she told Jack, the fairies watch over the children and their memories, and when one needs to remember what's important, they help them. Tooth apparently stopped working on the field 440 years ago (give or take), instead entrusting the task to her MiniFairies and operating from her palace to oversee the teeth-collecting operations, sending fairies to certain locations of the globe every night. However, once the events of the movie force her and her fellow Guardians to collect the teeth themselves, Tooth remembers what she loved most about collecting teeth herself: seeing the kids. And she wonders why she ever stopped doing it. She deeply cares for the children of the world, and is heartbroken when they stop believing in her. She is close to all her fellow Guardians, Jack Frost and Sandy particularly, partly because like her, they have to work all the time.
Powers and Abilities

Tooth has the ability to freely fly (wings), as well as hover in place without tiring out.
Combat Skills
She is able to sword fight, and her wings, as seen in the movie, were used as blades to destroy Pitch's nightmares as she twisted herself like a tornado.
She is also able to speak every language and communicate with many different beings.
Tooth used to collect the teeth herself until she entrusted the task to her Mini-Fairies. According to The Guardians of Childhood series, the Mini-Fairies are extensions of Tooth herself, that she can split herself into smaller copies, and she is mentally connected to all of them.
As Tooth is the Guardian of Memories, she appears to have an insight on the Memories of Childhood, as the teeth she and her fairies collect carry the most precious memories of childhood. As she said to Jack Frost, they watch over the children and their memories, and when someone needs to remember what's important, they bring those memories back to help them. Tooth seems to sense whenever a child looses a tooth (and how they lost the tooth in question) and assigns fairies locations of where to collect the teeth. To insure children continue to believe in her, Tooth and her fairies leave behinds gifts (often coins) in exchange for the teeth.
Tooth can use her fleet of mini-fairies to attack. Also, in the novelization, it says that Tooth uses her wings to 'slice' through the Nightmare creatures. Her wings may serve as replacements for her swords.

All information was gather from Rise of the Guardians Wiki
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