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. . . to Pirate the fanlisting for the character from Gone with the Wind: Rhett Butler. Rhett Butler is a fictional character and one of the main protagonists of Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. When he first saw Scarlett O'Hara at the Wilke's barbeque, he seemed to understand what was behind her forced gaity (trying to get Ashley Wilkes to notice her) She, of course, thought he looked like a pirate who knew what she looked like in her shimmy. He was a practical man who knew all the South had to fight a civil was was cotton and arrogance. He was also witness to a confrontation between Scarlett and Ashley and thus always had Scarlett at a disadvantage. A daring blockader during the Civil war, he'd take cotton from the south to England and bring his cargo ships in with loads of equipment and foodstuffs and always managed to travel far into the back country to Atlanta. As it turned out, specially to see Scarlett. But he could never let her know he cared for her, she so careless she never bothered to sheathe her claws. Besides she had a big enough head the way it was. Never let down your guard when Scarlett was concerned. Eventually, Rhett married Scarlett and they had a child, Bonnie. Because Scarlett was so bullheaded thinking she loved Ashley Wilkes, Rhett turned to Bonnie to receive his love. When Bonnie died in a freak accident, Rhett was beside himself with grief and Scarlett was no help at all, in fact she accused him of killing Bonnie to soothe his own pride. Ashley's wife, Melanie Wilkes interfered and managed to encourage Rhett to let Bonnie be interred, (she was so scared of the dark) and life went on, until one day, Scarlett got a telegram from Rhett that Melanie was dying, She'd had a miscarriage. Scarlett got back to Atlanta just in time to see Melanie die and only then, she realized that Rhett loved her and she loved him. However it was too late Rhett no longer cared for her. All his love for Scarlett had been transferred to Bonnie and when Bonnie died, so did Rhett's love.

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