. . . to Immortality, the fanlisting for the Mortal Instruments character: Magnus Bane. Magnus Bane is the High Warlock of Brooklyn whose life has intertwined with several Shadowhunters and Downworlders over the centuries. While he has been in many of the books and stories, he was finally brought to life in City of Bones. He is first introduced as the warlock who signed the mind of Clary Fray. He had been hired by her mother, Jocelyn Fray, to erase her memories of seeing anything related to the Shadowhunter World. She initially wished to remove Clary's inner eye, which was providing her sight of Shadowhunter world, however Magnus warned that this would likely kill Clary or in the least drive her to pure insanity. Instead, he casted a spell on her that would cause her to forget anything she saw that was related to the Shadowhunter world. But this spell would fade as time passed, needing to be re-casted every two years. Clary and the others found him at his New York apartment hosting a party in which Isabelle Lightwood received an invitation from a kelpie in Pandemonium. Magnus, assuming that he was the one who gave them the invitation, said that he "must have been drunk" because he doesn't give invitations to Shadowhunters. At first, he says nothing about recognizing Clary, but eventually must acknowledge the fact he has known her since she was little, even commenting that he's watched her grow up. At the party, he talks about his tragic past, and Alec Lightwood sympathizes with him and tries to remove the morbid atmosphere, but Magnus brushes it off, claiming that it happened a long time ago. He openly flirts with Alec (flirtatiously asking him to call him and winking at him) who has yet to 'come out of the closet' and sees he is in love with Jace Wayland, his adopted brother. In bonus content from Cassandra Clare, known as "Kissed", Alec confronts his and Magnus' growing attraction to each other and asks him out. Upon learning that Alec has never kissed anyone, Magnus kisses him (resulting in the couple's first kiss with each other) before arranging for a date with him within the week. At the end of the book, Magnus is called upon by the Lightwoods to heal Alec, who had been fatally wounded while fighting a Greater Demon. Isabelle says that when Magnus showed up he was quite in a rushed hurry to get Alec to a private room in order to heal him.

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