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 Angel : Angel:  Angel : Connor:  Angel : Cordelia Chase:  Angel : Faith Lehane:  Angel : Male Characters:  Angel : Spike:  Arrow: Laurel Lance / Black Canary:  Arrow: Oliver Queen / Arrow:  Arrow: Roy Harper / Arsenal:  Arrow: Slade Wilson / Deathstroke:  Big Bang Theory, The : Amy Farrah Fowler:  Big Bang Theory, The : Howard Wolowitz:  Big Bang Theory, The : Leonard Hofstadter:  Big Bang Theory, The : Penny:  Big Bang Theory, The : Rajesh Koothrappali:  Big Bang Theory, The : Sheldon Cooper:  Bones : Angela Montenegro:  Bones : Christine Angela Booth:  Bones : Lance Sweets:  Bones : Parker Booth:  Bones : Seeley Booth:  Bones : Temperance Brennan:  Bones : Zack Addy:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer : Buffy Summers:  Charmed : Angel of Death:  Charmed : Christopher Perry:  Charmed : Cole Turner:  Charmed : Female Characters:  Charmed : Halliwell Family:  Charmed : Leo Wyatt:  Charmed : Paige Matthews:  Charmed : Piper Halliwell:  Charmed : Wyatt Matthew Halliwell:  Community : Abed Nadir:  Doctor Who : Amelia Pond:  Doctor Who : Captain Jack Harkness:  Doctor Who : Clara Oswald:  Doctor Who : Rory Williams:  Doctor Who : Rose Tyler:  Doctor Who : The Tardis:  Flash - Barry Allen:  Friends : Rachel Green:  Friends : Ross Gellar:  Game of Thrones : Daenerys Targaryen:  Game of Thrones : Davos Seaworth:  Game of Thrones : Jaime Lannister:  Game of Thrones : Jaqen H'ghar:  Game of Thrones : Jon Snow:  Game of Thrones : Jorah Mormont:  Game of Thrones : Loras Tyrell:  Game of Thrones : Renly Baratheon:  Game of Thrones : Sansa Stark:  Game of Thrones : Theon Greyjoy:  Game of Thrones: Cersei Lannisters:  Game of Thrones: Margaery Tyrell:  Gossip Girl : Chuck Bass:  Gossip Girl : Nate Archibald:  Greys Anatomy : Alex Karev:  Greys Anatomy : Denny Duquette:  Greys Anatomy : Derek Sherpherd:  Greys Anatomy : Female Characters:  Greys Anatomy : George O'Malley:  Greys Anatomy : Owen Hunt:  House : Gregory House:  House : Robert Chase:  James 'Sawyer' Ford:  Kahlan Amnell:  Legend of the Seeker: Cara Mason:  Legend of the Seeker: Kahlan Amnell:  Legend of the Seeker: Richard Cypher:  LOST : Charlie Pace:  LOST : Claire Littleton:  LOST : Vincent:  Office, The : Dwight K. Schrute:  Once Upon A Time : Belle:  Once Upon A Time : David Nolan:  Once Upon A Time : Henry Mills:  Once Upon A Time : Regina Mills:  Outlander - Claire Fraser/Randall:  Outlander Series : Jamie and Claire Fraser:  Scrubs : Janitor, The:  Scrubs : Perry Cox:  Scrubs: John Dorian 'J.D.':  Shawn Spencer:  Sherlock: John Watson:  Transformers: BumbleBee:  True Blood : All Characters:  Vampire Diaries, The : Alaric Saltzman:  Vampire Diaries, The: Stefan Salvatore:

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